Key Parental Events

Key Parental Events are a major feature at Oliver House. They provide a continuing programme to assist parents in the education of their children and in the dynamics of parenting.

The core of Oliver House Charter of Educational Principles is a commitment to work with parents in the all-important task of raising their children to become competent, responsible young men and women, who lead their lives according to noble principles.

Whilst attendance at other parental events and activities is not compulsory, the Key Parent Events form part of the ‘contract’ that exists between parents and the school. Attendance at these events is therefore vital for parents enrolling their children at Oliver House, as it ensures that parents and teachers are united in their approach.

The Key Parent Events

1. Information Evening
The focus in the Autumn term is on academic and general ethos issues. The Information Evening in September sets out the educational priorities for the year and provides an opportunity for parents to be reminded of the school’s broader goals. A meeting with the Headmaster takes place in the hall before parents split into year groups for more age-related discussions.

2. Parent / Teacher Meetings
These meetings take place each term between parents and teachers and form the basis of all the academic goal setting for the months ahead. Parents are also informed about their children’s performance in class and in national standardised tests.

3. Tutor Meetings
These termly meetings (which take place on the night of the parent / teacher meetings) are between parents of junior aged children and their tutors. The aim is to discuss broader educational goals and to reflect on the child’s growth in the virtues.

4. Headmaster’s Talks for Parents
These take place in the Spring and Summer terms and cover a range of issues relating to the teaching of the virtues and to parenting in general.

Sample of Topics

Education in Human Love: A Parental Responsibility
Motivating Pupils
Preparation for Secondary School Transfer
Parent-Child Communication
Developing Virtue in Young Children
Fostering Study Skills in Older Pupils
Helping Children to Develop Social Skills and Friendships