Junkabal School Guatemala

Oliver House has made Junkabal School their partner charity and aims to forge a long term partnership with the school and for children from Oliver House and Junkabal to get to know each other.

May 2017

The Lenten fundraising activities are therefore the first of many initiatives to support pupils at Junkabal school. Oliver House School Council decided to raise money for the Wonder Foundation, a charity that supports Junkabal School in Guatemala City. This school now has around 450 children and serves the neighbourhood surrounding Guatemala’s largest municipal rubbish dump. The school gives hope and offers opportunities to children from some of the most marginalised and vulnerable families in the city.

Every child took home their own Lenten Charity box and helped to fill with pocket money and donations.  Pupils were able to present a cheque for £3138.11 to Ruth Clark, representative of the Wonder Foundation, which enabled more than 50 Guatemalan children to go to school for a year.

It costs £60 to send a child to school for a year so the children have calculated they have provided schooling for 52 pupils for one year.

May 2018

Ruth Clark visited the school and was able to update the children on progress at Junkabal School. The money they had raised had enabled many building and improvements to the school in Guatemala as well as supporting pupils to attend the school in the past year. 

The good news that Ruth came to share was, “Junkabal School offers a clean and safe environment for children from families living in poverty to learn and grow. Students of Oliver House have helped to support even more children in need of an education!”

One pupil from Junkabal said, ““Our parents work hard everyday selling at the market. Education is expensive in my country and they would have to sacrifice a lot for us to stay in school. Now with our scholarships we can attend school without worrying about having enough money for food, bills and other things.”

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