An Incredible Opportunity to Study and Live in the UK 

“Being a PACT International Student was a great experience for me.  I was well looked after and very comfortable in the family in which I was staying.  I not only learned a lot of English but made many friends too.  I would really recommend this to any student  who wants to learn English.”  
PACT International Student 
Year 7

As an international student at Oliver House School you will follow a broad and balanced curriculum in keeping with your year group and you will receive additional English Language support as deemed necessary.  You will also benefit from the unique tutorial system offered to all pupils focused on nurturing the whole person academically, spiritually, culturally and socially.  You will be part of an inclusive culture and have the opportunity to take part in the rich cultural, sporting and artistic life of the school.

During your stay you will live with a host family enabling you to be fully immersed into the British culture and way of life.  Families are carefully chosen and every attempt is made to choose families with a child of a similar age at a PACT school.  A great deal of care is taken when selecting our host families and PACT International is always available to both students and families regarding any questions that may arise during their stay. 

Academic Requirements
Students should have reached a good academic level and be keen and enthusiastic to learn English. They will be expected to make an effort both in the classroom and with homework given to them on a daily basis.


Please read the Application Process and Handbook:
Application Process


Application Form
Consent Form
Student Information Form

Please fill and return the forms via email to:
PACT International
Email Belen Vazquez
Email Nuria Font


“We can only say that it was a great experience. Our child was very happy and was treated like just another member of the family and learned a lot of English. We only have positive feedback for PACT International.”
Carmela Parent of International Student

“Being a host family has definitely helped my family. My children learned to be more tolerant and generous. We enjoyed having children from other cultures and countries.  It was hard to say goodbye.” 
Jose Host Family Father

“I spent a year in London as a PACT International student.  My experience was one of the best of my life; I made lots of friends and I learned many things about English culture.  The family I stayed with was great and they welcomed me as if I was one more in the family.  I totally recommend this to others.  It is worth being away from home for a term, year… because of all the things you learn and the friends you make.” 
International Student  

“We were a host family for a term and our guest was lovely child who fitted in with our family life straight away. We found the experience very positive and the children have kept in touch.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity to meet up in the future.”
 Host Family Mother

 “I really enjoyed our international student staying with us as I loved the company. We got along really well with each other.  I even went to Spain for a week in the summer holidays to stay with their family.”
 Host Family