Early Years (Nursery & Reception)

Each child has a remarkable capacity for acquiring knowledge and skills in the early years and these years have rightly been called the golden age of learning.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) uses an holistic approach to learning, with a child-centred, project approach. This enables us to integrate learning and promote independence, acquisition of knowledge and develop problem solving and thinking skills.
We provide playful yet meaningful learning environments which generates enthusiasm, exploration and investigation within a carefully planned and balanced curriculum so that children can reach their academic potential.
In the EYFS department literacy is taught in order to enable children to become confident readers and writers with excellent comprehension skills. Mathematics in the EYFS focuses on concept building where children engage in active learning experiences which lays the foundations for abstract thinking.
A good partnership and communication with parents characterises the Oliver House ethos, and this is especially important in the EYFS department where the effectiveness and joy of early learning is enhanced when home and school work together. Our Character Development Programme helps children to develop the human virtues and fosters children’s sense of right and wrong.

The Seven Areas of Learning

The EYFS is divided into seven areas of learning:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Expressive Arts and Design
Understanding the World