Character Development

Character is what we make of ourselves and the unique Character Development Programme at Oliver House gives children the tools to fulfil their true potential and to become the best possible version of themselves.

Although the word virtue, took on a narrow meaning in Victorian Britain, the Latin root implies strength, power, moral excellence. Virtues are essentially good habits that help us become better people; to acquire them, we need guidance and practice.

At Oliver House, we teach a weekly Character Development lesson, centred around aspects of a particular virtue which then permeates all areas of school life that half term. Our individual tutorial system serves to personalise this growth in virtue, by helping each child individually to put their own resolution into practice and so, systematically grow towards becoming a better person.

By working with parents, we aim to empower children to become competent, responsible and considerate young people, who are happy to be themselves; we consider education in virtue to be part of a first class education.

The development of the Four Core Human Qualities through which character is forged are pivotal to our ethos.These are:

1. Personal Responsibility: the consequences of action or inaction
2. Good Judgment: the ability to make wise choices and judge correctly
3. Resilience: personal strength & perseverance in worthwhile things
4. Self-Control: ability to exercise self-discipline in many ways