Ancient Greece comes to Oliver House

On Wednesday 7th February the Year 5 children of Oliver House School took part in an Ancient Greece Enrichment Day. All lessons and activities were designed to celebrate Ancient Greece, a subject they have been studying this half term, and the day’s activities were designed to bring their studies to life.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, dressing up and pretending to be living in Ancient Greece, taking part in numerous activities of different aspects of Greek civilisation throughout the day which were led by specialist teachers and guests. Pupils learned about the Greek alphabet, Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio and also discovered a technique for making pottery. Children also participated in a fascinating presentation about Ancient Greek food which was delivered by Dr Aphrodite Papayianni who is a leading expert on Ancient Greece.

There was also an opportunity for the children to present their own Ancient Greece projects to their peers and to demonstrate for themselves how much they had learned.

The day was rounded off with a Mini Olympics held on the Clapham Common. Pupils and staff had to use the power of their imaginations to conjure up some Ancient Greek sunny weather, as it was a rather cold February day in London! However, the children had really enjoyed the wonderfully enriching day and one pupil said, “I think Ancient Greece Day was really fun, all of the people who came to teach us were very nice and gave lots of really interesting facts. I think we should do it again!” another Year 5 pupil said, “I think it was an amazing day because we learned about the Ancient Greek alphabet, pottery, food and more. I liked that we all dressed up and my favourite thing was the pottery!”

Mrs Sylwia Boyle, who organised the day, was very pleased with how much the children had learned and how much they had enjoyed the whole immersive experience. “It was a brilliant day – they have learned so much and it brings the subject to life.” she said.